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The Allure Of Embracing Your Natural Hair

Aren't these styles fabulous?

Aren't these styles fabulous?

I’ve decided to go completely without chemicals in my hair, and as a consequence I find myself being drawn to sites such as CurlyNikki, Blackgirllonghair and Beadsbraidsandbeyond, and watching youtube videos on product reviews. This whole community for naturals is simply enthralling as I never payed much attention to it before.

I have also learned many termed like the big chop(BC) and transitioning, gotten acquainted with ranges of 3a and 4c hair and gazed at so many Black women embracing their natural hair texture.  Much to my surprise, I also came to realize that there is this whole online war, which in fact mirrors reality, between women who relax their tresses and those who are au naturel. This debate in my opinion is completely ridiculous, and proves to me that people will find any reason to argue and nitpick at their neighbor’s personal choices which, in fact, do not affect their own day-to-day.

That aside, once I unravel my braids, which took up to 8 hours to complete (ouch), I will purchase some Quemet Biologics and Darcy’s botanicals…..I think I just may become a product junkie.

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