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Sweat Shop: A Reason Not To Buy?

Forever 21 has been linked to sweatshops in California

Forever 21 has been linked to sweatshops in California

Many companies have questionable pasts in terms of their involvement in sweat shop labor. Some, even after their illicit practices have surfaced, still continue to neglect and disregard human rights, all the while developing better strategies to sprinkle pixie dust over their tracks. Sean Jean, Nike, the Gap and most recently, Forever 21, have all fallen under scrutiny for allegedly mistreating their employees. Although status quo dictates that said company should release a statement vehemently denying such atrocious allegations, the fact remains that many companies that we all know and love do not give two pennies about the people who slave over a machine attempting to create fashion for all of us to don like a second skin

Will their supposed/proven unethicality stop people from indulging in the latest trends? I mean, Forever 21 has decent looking clothing at cheap prices; will people really stop shopping there once they hear that it functions through bullying their employees, for example? I doubt it. The argument behind that, among others, is: “If we stopped buying from every company who supported modern day slavery, we’d be walking around naked…and we all know that indecent exposure is illegal.” It is clearly not everyone who will do a background check about a clothing line before purchasing their apparel. However, does this nonchalance indicate that the purchaser in question, similarly to the companies it is supporting with their hard earned cash, does not value their fellow man?

Do you boycott companies that use sweatshops ? If so why?

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One Response to “Sweat Shop: A Reason Not To Buy?”

  1. Ana Ana says:

    Since most brands that mass produce garments at that they resell for “reasonable” prices will at some point or another use sweatshop labor whether the company knows about it or not-when sourcing teams visit factories do you really think they get an accurate picture of what really goes down on the daily-boycotting these brands would be almost impossible. What you can do is start purchasing from comanies that manufacture in the US, yes sweatshops exist at home but by and large our labor laws require visits from the Feds that regulate factory conditions and hours employees can work without breaks. This means you’ll have to pay more for stuff though.

    As far as Forever 21 goes, I try to never shop there because the quality isn’t what it should be-have you ever tried washing anything you’ve purchsed from there- and the rate at which they churn out deigner knock offs, not inspired by pieces but blatant knock offs, bothers me. Remember you get what you pay for, and when it comes to costing garments that $20 top from Forever cost maybe $5 to make so guess how much they paid the 7 year old in China that made it.


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