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Solange “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St Dreams” Deluxe Edition Giveaway


It was two years ago that  Solange Knowles, baby sister of one of the world’s biggest R&B stars, released Sol-Angle and the Hadely St Dreams. Since that release she has been rocking the worlds of music and fashion! While this release is her second official full length record, it really is the record that established her as an artist. By the time Hadley St Dreams debuted Solange was recently divorced, raising her son Daniel Julez Smith Jr. and quickly becoming  her own person. You can hear this growth and life experiences on songs like “T.O.N.Y.” and ‘I Decided  Pt. 1.” Do you remember that video?! It totally changed the game! Today Solange is not only an artist, she is a trendsetter, blogger, DJ and full on mommy!

To celebrate this release and get you ready for new Solange material soon to come, Music World (Daddy Knowles run label) is releasing a deluxe edition of the record on Vinyl only! This new edition features the original track listing including instrumentals of the most popular songs, you know  for all the DJs out there!

MISS was able to partner up with Music World and Fontana Distribution to giveaway this Deluxe Edition Vinyl to a lucky MISS reader!


1. Go to Fontana Music on Facebook and click on the “Like” button
2. Go to M.I.S.S. on Facebook and click on the “Like” button
3. Leave a comment to this post letting us know you did steps 1 and 2 and what your fav Solange track is!

A winner will be selected by Friday 11/12 and the prize will ship only within the U.S.

If you don’t want to leave getting this up to chance or miss (pun intended) the drawing, you can still purchase the LP at Amazon.com available now!

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2 Responses to “Solange “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St Dreams” Deluxe Edition Giveaway”

  1. Jaimie Carlos says:

    I liked them both and I love Solange!
    I love Sandcastles (:

  2. Will says:

    Aww did I miss the contest? :-/

    I did both, and my favorite track is Dancing In The Dark, I LOVE the old funky beat of it. And she’s a lyrical genius!


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