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New Music from Michael Jackson

Epic, just epic

Epic, just epic

The rumors about Michael Jackson posthumously releasing an album filled with all new material are true beyond a shadow of a doubt. The album, entitled MICHAEL, will hit shelves December 18th . If waiting a month to hear new music from MJ seems unbearable, mouse on over to where a never before heard single from the album ,“Breaking News”, will be streaming on the site for one week only. While you’re there be sure to check out the teaser for the project.

To squash rumors that Michael, like Tupac, may have faked his death and is still recording somewhere in a hidden bunker in the mountains of Southern California, I have to say that these new tracks were all recorded during his lifetime. The working, working, day and night King of Pop wrote and recorded continuously whether he was in LA, Las Vegas, or Dubai ensuring that his music would continue well past his untimely death.  With that in mind, don’t be surprised if more of MJ’s unreleased tracks pop up in the next decade. Just so you know these aren’t tracks he recorded way back in his Thriller days, MICHAEL is composed of songs the star recently created as well as ones that he had yet to bring into fruition.

As a true Michael Jackson fan beginning in my onesie days, I know I will be pre-ordering two copies, one for me and one for my mom who is a diehard MJ fan from the Jackson 5 days, as soon as I get paid later this week. Those of you not waiting on a paycheck will be able to pre-order your copies of MICHAEL in the next 24 hours.  Trust me you won’t want to download this one or purchase it via iTunes because the artwork done by painter Kadir Nelson alone is worth dusting off your CD player.

For more info on the upcoming release and the worldwide launch of the official first single of MICHAEL go to

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