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My Latest Obsession: Building a Better Holiday Stocking

My Latest Obsession: Stocking Stuffers

My Latest Obsession: Stocking Stuffers

Even though Thanksgiving is a few weeks off, I’ve already started my holiday shopping (remember, I LOVE shopping for presents!). Big ticket items for the family will wait until Black Friday, but until then, I’ve started to gather smaller items for stocking stuffers. I love pulling gift stockings together. I try to keep all items in the stocking under $10, so you get the most bang for your buck and whomever you’re giving the gift to gets to unwrap a bunch of little things, instead of one big thing. Also, it’s a lot of fun looking for smaller items that you might otherwise pass up.

My gift stockings look a little bit different than what typically hangs on your mantle. So, if you’re looking to do something a little different for your loved ones this year, here’s a simple guide to building a better holiday stocking!

First, completely ditch the stocking. Yes, I know they’re cute and nostalgic, but they’re also a little impractical (my bias stems from having an apartment without a lot of storage options). Instead, my stocking is a tote bag. They’re really easy to find and they can be used by the giftee at the store, as an overnight bag, gym bag, or an alternative purse if they’re in-between favorites. Forever 21 has some great options for totes that are really affordable.

Second, fill the bag with a combo of comfort and joy, maybe a little bit of whimsy for fun. On the home front, I always include an ornament in my stockings. I’m really sentimental, so I love being able to look back at all the different ornaments I’ve given to friends over the years and all the happy years of friendship I’ve shared with them. This year, I like the Alpaca Sock Monkeys at Crate and Barrel and these Owlets at Urban Outfitters. I also love to gift mugs. I’ve been eying these Pantone mugs for years and this Mustache Mug.

I also think that including bath products is a must. You all know what a big fan I am of LUSH products, and I think these products are especially welcome during the holiday season, when the winter weather dries out and chaps skin. The Satsuma Santa bath bomb and Christmas Kisses are great ways to soak your stress away, and if you don’t have a bathtub, Glogg and Angel’s Delight are fun and conditioning options. I am also a big fan of their lip sugar scrubs, so if you can’t settle on anything else, grab a tin of Bon Bon for your friends. Since I hate having dry hands, I also highly recommend Bliss’s High Intensity Hand Cream.

Of course, there should be some fashionable elements included as well, and this is where the fun really begins for me. The possibilities are endless. Marc by Marc Jacobs has some fun and fashionable options, like the Maripol Plastic Ring (only $2!!), Wishbone Necklace (which I own and LOVE) and this Lipstick Pen. Scarves are also great gift ideas, and are widely available.  Forever 21, Old Navy, Target, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters are great places to start on your holiday scarf hunt. One additional item that I like to include are the European versions of Vogue, Elle, or any other fashion magazine that will give friends the jump start on next season’s fashions. Gossip mags are also a lot of fun to include as well.

Still looking for ideas? Books, wallets, movie tickets, music (or an iTunes card), candy dishes (that can also be used to store accessories), notecards, tees, or something you make on your own are all good alternatives. Tune in to whom you’re giving the holiday bag to and let your imagination go wild. No matter what you decide to put into your holiday stocking, you’ll soon find that going on the scavenger hunt for the different items is just as enjoyable as giving the gift.

Have fun out there!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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