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My Latest Obession: Meetup.com



For some reason this week, I’ve had a bunch of friends share with me that they were having were having a tough time finding some quality friends to hang out with, and wondered if I had any ideas on how to get out there and find some good people who were worth having in your life? As luck would have it, I had a great solution and I found it on the internet!

So, ladies (and men), how many of you have found yourself in a similar situation? I moved to SF a little over three years ago, mostly to solve the riddle of “which city do we live in…yours or mine?” in a long distance relationship that I was in at the time. I am an LA native, but, during my visits up to The City, I increasingly felt more at home up north than down south. So, when the time was right, I packed my bags and made the move. Flash forward three years, and the relationship has run its course and I am single again (no bitterness here. These things happen), looking to expand my own circle of friends so I don’t become a hermit eating chocolate chip cookie dough in my apartment every evening. This is a tricky thing to do, as you can’t really walk into a bar and troll for friends. I invited myself to friend’s and friends of friends’s outings, but I wasn’t really getting anywhere socially. What’s a girl got to do to find friends in this city?!?

Then, during one particularly frustrating phone conversation with one of my best girl friends from LA, I was told about Meetup.com, a social networking site where you basically type in what kind of activity, sport, hobby, bookclub or like-minded folks  you’re interested in and Meetup will generate a list of groups that you can join and interact with. Since I was looking specifically for girl friends, I settled on a few groups that were focused on either dining about town, or finding other gals who, like me, wanted to meet other women in the Bay Area and explore all the wonderful nooks and crannies The City has to offer (maybe we’ll even eat an English muffin or two).

After looking about, I settled on a few different options, including a graphic novel/comics group, a brunch/foodie group and a movie group (all with various rates of interaction), but one group in particular really impressed me: the REAL Girlfriends of San Francisco. It’s  loosely based on the four women in Sex in the City (the group was founded around the same time SATC 2 was in theaters), and how those four characters stuck together through thick and thin, breakups and makeups and anything else the world had to throw at them. The women of the group were looking to make friends for life, not just a casual outing here and there. I also admired the honesty that the group founder, Sujan, placed in the description of the group, stating that everyone isn’t going to get along with everyone, but that there were plenty of events to meet different people and you’d click with someone, you just needed to be patient and put yourself out there. So true!

I’ve been on several outings (events can range from brunch to pub crawls to weekends in Vegas or Tahoe to concerts..the sky’s the limit) and I have met some really wonderful people who have welcomed me into their lives, helped me through some rough times and have kept me laughing through it all (a big thing for me). These fabulous females have helped make SF feel more like home to me, and I’m now putting my own roots down and owning where I am in my life. Who knew that a website could be the missing link for this? Thank you, meetup.com!

So, if you’re looking to find other people who you can read a book with, take a cooking class with, play dodgeball with or watch the latest flick with, check out the site. Who couldn’t use more friends?

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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