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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Wired x Incase iPad Snap Case

Behold!  The power at your fingertips!

Behold! The power at your fingertips!

I know I’ve written roughly 75 billion posts dedicated to various cases for Apple’s line of iPhones, but fear not dear iPad owner for I haven’t forgotten about you.  Incase, no stranger to collaborations, hooked up with Wired Magazine on this iPad Snap Case meant to celebrate the power of your…fingertips?  Yeah, the ends of your digits that you take for granted are a lot more important than you probably realize.  Why, without fingertips you couldn’t even use that precious iPad of yours or get fingerprinted at the airport as you jet around the world.  Speaking of fingerprints, the otherwise all white case features a fingerprint graphic on the backside.  Probably a wee bit more important as far as your iPad’s safety is concerned are the technical specs.  The iPad Snap Case is precision-engineered to be the lightest weight case in Incase’s iPad case line and provides plenty of coverage, scratch protection, and direct access to all your iPad’s buttons and features.  It’s available exclusively online at the Wired Store and Incase’s web shop.

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