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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: The Slap Is No Longer What The Five Fingers Said to the Face

The colors, Duke!  The colors!

The colors, Duke! The colors!

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined a slap bracelet with an iPod Nano?  Neither did I, because slap bracelets are one of those things from the 80s I’d rather forget (unlike hair metal, which will always have a special place in my heart).  But apparently someone at Griffin did and the results of their off kilter thinking is The Slap, the latest in iPod Nano case design that turns your Nano into quite the wrist watch.

The Slap is, just like those slap bracelets of yesteryear, made out of memory metal that is usually nice and straight, but conforms to your wrist once you give it a good slapping.  The metal is encased in brightly colored, 80s-tastic silicone that will have you reminiscing on the days when it was totally normal to wear spandex leotards to the club.  There’s a semi enclosed capsule for your iPod to slip into with a hole cut out for your earphone cord, but unfortunately volume and sleep/wake buttons are covered.  They have raised nodules over them, though, to help you click through anyway.

The Slap will be available soon and at only $25 is cheaper than buying an actual watch.  Plus, actual watches don’t play Ke$ha on repeat.

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