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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Casio’s Christmas “Lover’s” G-Shock Collection

For the Christmas "Lover" in you

For the Christmas "Lover" in you

Imagine being snuggled up with your boo under the covers in front of the fireplace, making smores and drinking an abundance of egg nog.  Eskimo kisses are being exchanged with reckless abandon.  Somewhere off in the distance you hear the sound of carolers and the ho ho ho’s of mall Santas.  There’s even some hot, Swiss Miss cocoa near by just in case the fire and the covers aren’t keeping you warm enough.  But something is missing in this seemingly perfect scene…something like his and hers matching G-Shock watches.  I know, I know…it’s a dilemma we’ve all been plagued by at some point in our lives.  Well, be plagued no longer as all your prayers (and mine) are about to be answered with the launch of Casio’s Christmas “Lover’s” collection of watches.  The matching pink and black DW-5600s come in two flavors: the chunky G-Shock for your man, and the petite, Baby-G for you.  The set will be available come November 27th for ¥ 23,625 JPY or $293 USD.  Pricey, but at least you can be sure your significant other won’t be late for your next dinner date.

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