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Introducing the New Louis Vuitton 2011 City Guides Collection

Louis Vuitton Ruben Toledo 2011 Postcard Box

Louis Vuitton has released its 2011 edition of city guides – the perfect accompaniment to Louis Vuitton trunks, luggage and bags. If you’re going to travel in style you might as well visit stylish places, non? Nearly 100 cities are covered in LV’s guides and new to the mix are Berlin, Kyoto and Nara. Each guide includes an easy to use map and gives you the secrets to all the must-see things to see and do.

Louis Vuitton 2011 City Guides

My favorite part of the 2011 collection is the set of 100 postcards illustrated by Ruben Toledo in fluorescent colors. The Postcard Box celebrates the 100 illustrations Toledo has created for the Louis Vuitton City Guides, images that capture in paint the guides’ distinct vision of travel and passion for detail.“ My aim is to paint a portrait of a city and to draw out its special and eternal essence; to capture the unique tempo and character of each.”

Whether you are traveling, or want to get to know your own city better, these guides are indispensable. They would make a great holiday gift for the traveler in your life (or you can add it to your wishlist!). You can purchase the guides and Postcard Box on the Louis Vuitton website.  Bon Voyage!

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