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Ears To The Street: Shearling Accessories


As the winter months approach we begin to look for ways to keep warm and still remain fashion forward. This season Shearling accessories are the go-to cold weather accessory. Shearling has definitely come far from its WWII aviator jacket precursor. No longer bulky, the shearling of today is lighter, more practical yet still retaining true to its rough around the edges appeal.  Shearling was reinvented when Burberry Prosum models in evening wear and soft fabrics paired with shearling coats and boots walked down the cat walk.

Shearling coats are a great alternative to bomber jackets, and new shearling can actually be lighter than leather making it easy to layer with out feeling like a pack mule. Taking note from the runway, pairing evening wear or softer silhouettes with shearling accessories can transform an everyday out fit to a fashion forward look. Wool or synthetic, shearling trims can be found on all types of winter accessories.



Shearling is not only a great way to stay warm, it is also a good alternative to some winter staples and a way to add dimension to an outfit.

Image Credit: Michelle Peredo

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