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Design Insider: You Call THAT Work?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That spooky proverb famously chanted by an axe-wielding writer gone ga-ga in Stephen Kings’ ‘The Shining’, is probably truer today than it’s ever been. The 40 hour work week is a thing of the past. And now that we’re all working longer hours for less pay, some ‘generous’ employers are trading pay rises for making the workplace somewhere people want to stay longer anyway. Real coffee machines, gyms, breakout rooms with cable TV and breakfast provided each day. And then there’s the über cool companies who taken it to another level entirely.

Imagine sitting at a desk surrounded by a slot car track or having a meeting in a pod that used to be an Antarctic igloo, and then at home time, sliding down a slippery dip to the front door. It sounds like Willy Wonka has been hosting hostile takeovers – but it’s all true.

Does your office have a ping-pong-slash-boardroom table, pinball machines, swimming pool, a slippery dip, a fully equipped bar (including bartender) and fridges stocked to the brim with more beer and energy drinks than buck’s party?

No? You should probably look away now if you want to avoid office envy – or if you do sneak a peek, try not to drool on your keyboard. No doubt these are some of the coolest spaces you’ll ever see. In fact, some of them look like bars and nightclubs (including turntables – no joke!), and most of them are more comfortable than your own home (which is exactly the point!).

Facebook (Palo Alto, California)


Google (Zurich, Switzerland)

Google Zurich

Google Zurich

Redbull (London, UK)

Red Bull London

Inventionland (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)


Fnuky (Adelaide, South Australia)


Disney Store Headquarters (Burbank, CA)

Disney Store Headquaters

Trapped in Suburbia (Netherlands)


For even more amazing office interiors, check out This Ain’t No Disco.

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3 Responses to “Design Insider: You Call THAT Work?”

  1. Total office envy! I want to go to there.

  2. I want to go there too. To all of them! Funnily enough I noticed an old employer of mine on This Ain’t No Disco. We had a cool office then, but now they’ve moved to a bigger and better location. It looks like a nightclub!

  3. Valerie Valerie says:

    How can you hate going to work in places like these?


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