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The Psychology Of Street Fashion

Looking good no matter where you go

Looking good no matter where you go

Street fashion is like sweet candy to the eyes; it always amazes me all the kooky combinations people come up with. I stop, scroll, stare and wonder where exactly they found all these exquisite and  unique pieces.

I think these sites feed into our desire to watch and be nosey. Your sense of style can say a lot about you as a human being, thus we can get a glimpse however peripheral of he or she’s inner being. But all that aside, these seemingly candid pictures testify to the beauty in our every day lives if we only would take a moment and just look instead of scurrying off to work, or running to the nearest food joint to ease our grumbling tummies. We are always so busy, but it’s nice to see people like the Sartorialist, Street Peeper and Facehunter finding gems among the mundane.

I think we all should do the same.

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