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The Film Link List: 10.01.2010

The Social Network

The Social Network in theaters this Friday, the 1st of October.

♥♥ Columbia Pictures releases The Social Network today, Friday the 1st of October. The film reads like an hour-and-a-half roast of sorts to Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg. New York Magazine calls it genius, and Variety is calling it a “major player” among this year’s releases. What will the box office think, though?

♥♥Meanwhile, the “other Facebook movie”, Catfish is also getting stellar reviews from critics like Ebert and The Washington Post, all who claim it’s great but– a documentary?? The film, which director Henry Joost claims is a bona-fide documentary, follows Joost’s little brother Nev as he embarks on a Facebook romance  that takes a turn for the sick and twisted. Complete with Blair Witch Project like twists, the film, whether it’s an actual documentary or not, is thrilling! Peep the trailer for that other FB flick below.

Maggie Grace will star in Breaking Dawn, the next feature in the Twilight trilogy.

Maggie Grace will star in Breaking Dawn, the next feature in the Twilight trilogy.

♥♥Twihards, rejoyce! The latest casting couch news from the trilogy sees actress Maggie Grace officially signing on to play Irina, and rumors suggest that 9 year old cutie Mackenzie Foy is this close to inking a deal to star as Renesmee in the final Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn.


The Coen Bros' latest, True Grit.

♥♥The Coen Bros are back! The trailer from the filmmaking wunder brothers’ latest feature True Grit (a remake of a 1969 John Wayne Western). The film stars Coen Bros protege Josh Brolin, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, and very badass newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as 13 year old Maddy. A little bit country, a lot of western, and one bad-ass eyepatch. Peep the trailer.

♥♥Tony Curtis, best known for his performances in Some Like It Hot (and father to actress Jamie Lee Curtis) died on Thursday, September 29th.

♥♥Arthur Penn, prolific director responsible for the classic Bonnie & Clyde, passed away in his home surrounded by his family on September 28th. I’ll always be moved by the final scene from the groundbreaking American Gangster flick, a true testament to Penn’s remarkable directing. Check out our profile story on him as well.

Bonnie & Clyde Death – Watch more Funny Videos

Mad Men

Mad Men--only 3 new episodes left this season!

♥♥Lastly, Mad Men is all new this weekend, with only 3 episodes left in the season! Is Joan built, with a bun in the oven? Is Don a secret commie? Will Lane get his Nubian Princess out of her Playboy Bunny getup? Was that whole Peggy-might-actually-love-the-ladies thing just an evil, evil tease? And will Betty continue smiling as much this episode as she did last week? Change the channel to AMC this Sunday 10/02 to find out!

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