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The Design Link List 10.20.10


What we love ♥♥ in design this week…

♥♥ Setouchi International Art Festival 2010. The art festival hopes to bring back vitality to the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan.


♥♥ The Brick Sofa for Versus by KiBiSi. A sofa made entirely of pillows stacked like sandbags in a bricked pattern.


♥♥ Tea Lovers Eco Cup by Mocha. The perfect portable tea cup that will have even the most hardened coffee drinker green (tea) with envy.


♥♥ Before and after bathroom renovation inspiration by Emily (via Design*Sponge). A green tub for all the right reasons!


♥♥ New geometric prints by MWM. Available via INPRNT.


♥♥ What to do you get when you cross a sleeping bag and a chair? The Cocoon Chair by LES M.


♥♥ Great typography never ceases to inspire. Check out new work by Maxwell Lord.


♥♥ Unconventional wallpaper is all the rage. Apartment Therapy have their Best of  Wallpaper Week, and the Wallpaper Collective have just released these kitch sport and animal patterns by Turner Pocock Cazalet.


♥♥  Ad agency DDB Germany have come up with a nifty campaign for Volkswagen Polo. In the spirit of groundbreaking VW ad campaigns gone by, this campaign thinks outside the box about the Polo being 95% recyclable.


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