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Slim Goodies by Sole Discretion: Foldable Shoes, Wristlet & Tote

sole discretion foldable rollable shoes wristlet and toteI love heels to there but I am NOT one of those people that says heels are comfortable and no, I don’t go grocery shopping in stilettos.  For someone that hates being uncomfortable, my selection in heels is ridiculous.  I usually go for a super-high, super-thin heel.  It’s not comfy but it’s sure as hell sexy.  Alas, there always comes a point in the night where I need to swap out the shoes (usually on the way home). Going barefoot is never an option so I’ve always had to lug an extra tote bag with a pair of flats with me – until now.

When Sole Discretion contacted me about their Slim Goodies, rollable/foldable flats that came in a wristlet I said yes, please!  There have been a bunch of travel flats that have come out lately and I really wanted a pair.  The box came a few days later and I was very happy with what I saw.

The Slim Goodies flats are comfy and super slim so that they can roll/fold up into a wristlet.  But, it doesn’t end there.  The wristlet doesn’t just hold the flats – it converts into a tote so you have a place to put the heels you just took off – genius!  I opted for the black pair but the Slim Goodies also come in Leopard, Silver and Gold.  All the ballet flats are complete with a cute bow in the front.

Slim Goodies are perfect for the work commute or for those dress up occasions.  For a mere $15 you can have a safety net for your feet that are adorable and practical.  You can get Slim Goodies online at the Sole Discretion shop.

*I received a pair of Slim Goodies from Sole Discretion to review.

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