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Skimkim Yummies: Skimchee Shepherd’s Pie


This Saturday is the 1st Annual Grub Street Food Festival!!! For one day only, see how Grub Street (New York Magazine’s Food Section) comes to life at Hester Street Fair, with over 40 exclusive food vendors selected by Grub Street & New York Magazine.  Hester Street Fair will be transformed into “Grub Street, USA” with picket fences and eating parks. We’ll be selling our Souls again…check out our menu! You MISSies get the insider scoop on the best grub from the lot. I take tons o’ ground pork, Skimchee, Goguma, or Korean Sweet Potato, peas, and Kimchee Butter and make the most delicious Shepherd’s Pie you’ve ever tasted. Guaranteed. I’d give you the recipe but I have to keep the entire secret for a little bit longer. This week, I’ll be using Smoky Green Cabbage Skimchee. Thanks S&SO Farms!

Another huge happening in the food world: the Skimkim Store will be launching on Saturday!!! If you live in NYC, you can order any items your heart desires and we’ll deliver it right to your door! This is HUGE. HUGE HUGE HUGE. Along with Blue Apron Foods & Lafeyette, we’ll be selling our products to you directly. Please help us take over the world. Mention “Skimkim Yummies” and you’ll get 10% off your first order, Chica’s.

Thank you for all your support. Big kisses to you!

Here’s the flyer for Saturday with all the info you need.


Note: Look at these cute pork buns! You guys know how much I love pork and piggies. I found these on a Korean Food Photo Contest (too late for me to enter, unfortunately.)


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