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Skimkim Yummies: Halloween Treats!


I was searching for some fun food ideas for Halloween this year and I found these!!! Kinda creepy, but still fun. I remember being a kid and the butterflies I used to get leaving the house in my inventive costumes. My family grew up broke but always creative! Even as an adult, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I GO ALL OUT. I am extremely proud of my costumes. Recent years have me as a Mormon, Britney Spears Mess, American Apparel Model…hilarious.

For these Halloween Lip Lickin’ Eyeballs, I’m keeping it simple and halfway homemade for the sake of ease since everyone has a lot going on with costumes and parties and all. These will be fun to do with friends or kiddies. Or kidlike friends.

Halloween Lip Lickin’ Eyeballs

  • Chocolate Brownie Mix, baked
  • White Chocolate block, 32 oz.
  • Red Tube of Icing or Cake Decorating Gel
  • Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans or Chocolate Chips
  • Drying Rack

Cool the batch of baked brownies. Place the drying rack over a cookie sheet or cutting board. Take a tablespoon and scoop out a portion of brownie. Ball it tightly and set on the drying rack. Place the rest of the balls very close together on the rack, not touching each other, though. Break the white chocolate block into small pieces so they are easier to melt. Place the chocolate in a double boiler or a small metal bowl set atop a pot of water. Bring to a medium boil to melt the chocolate slowly and consistently. Remove from heat, let sit for 5-10 minutes. Drizzle over the balls, making sure to coat entirely. Place the white chocolate balls in the refrigerator until completely cool. Take them out of the fridge, making sure the chocolate has hardened. Use the red cake gel to draw the bloodshot eyes. Use a small dollop as glue on the top of the eyeball and place the chocolate espresso bean or chocolate chip there. Boo!

Check out these other foodie costumes I found. For adults:

(Also for adults, I’ll be DJ’ing at Lucky Strike on Friday PM, come see what I come up with costume and tune-wise! Also, check out the new webstore at


And then, for the babies (I have a mini daschund so he’s MY baby. He’s even cuter than these little guys. He’s @ElijahCraig if you wanna follow him…)


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