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She’s Crafty: Credit Card Earrings

shes crafty

When I first graduated high school, the first advice I received was, “don’t get a credit card unless you need one.” I never really needed one, but after getting so many credit card pre-approvals in the mail I bought in. And boy did I regret it. So after years of paying it back the best thing to do is shred it into pieces to create a new pair of earrings! It’s a therapeutic project to give yourself comfort after years of stressful repayment plans and it’s also eco-friendly!

She's Crafty

Materials Needed:
–  2 Old credit cards/gift cards
– scissors
– small hoop earrings
– tiny hole puncher *

(* if you don’t have a tiny hole puncher, a small nail and hammer works just as well)

She's Crafty

Step 1: Cut your credit cards into 1/2 inch strips. Feel free to cut them into different lengths.

Credit Card earrings

Step 2: Punch holes on the top of each strip.

Credit Card earrings

Step 3: Slide each strip onto the hoop earring until you achieve your desired look.

Credit Card earrings

Credit Card earrings

And you’re done!

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  1. I love this on many levels!


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