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She’s Crafty: Burberry Inspired Sweatshirt Skirt

I know I’m a couple of seasons late but it’s better late than never right? I still like the look and I think it’ll still fit fine for fall fashion. Inspired by Burberry and Veronika B. on, I decided to make a tutorial on how to recreate this look using an old long sleeved shirt. I used a cotton/polyester blend shirt which I realized is a bit sheer when worn as a skirt by itself. I also used a men’s shirt that left me with A LOT of leftover fabric. Using a kid’s sized shirt would probably work just as good, you might not even have to alter the sides if they hug your hips just right.

burberry skirt shirt materials

Materials Needed:
– Long sleeved shirt
– scissors
– sewing machine
– pins
– fabric chalk or a regular pen
– pre-existing pencil skirt to trace
– iron
– garter elastic/snap on buttons (optional)

Burberry skirt shirt step 1

Step 1: Turn your long sleeved shirt inside out and lay it flat. Put your pencil skirt on top to sketch the basic outline of the skirt. Be sure to add about 1/2 inch for the seams all around. Once you make the outline, cut it out. Also cut off the sleeves.

She's Crafty step 2

Step 2: Fold the top and bottom seams of both sides of the skirts, use an iron to keep the fold. Sew it.

She's Crafty Step 3

Step 3: Lay one side of the skirt right side facing up.Taking a sleeve, lay it on the top left side of the skirt, fasten it with a pin. Repeat with the other side. Once both ends are fastened, take them together and twist them in the middle to make a ‘knot.’ Then fasten the other ends to the bottom of the skirt. You’re basically making the Chanel double c shape on the front of the skirt.

She's Crafty step 4

Step 4: Put the back part of the skirt on top of the other piece, wrong side up. Align the corner and sides of the fabrics and fasten with pins.

She's Crafty step 5

Step 5: Sew both sides of the skirt. Cut off the excess sleeve fabric, take off the pins and you’re done!

She's Crafty Final

I recommend doing this same tutorial with an old button up, leaving the buttons in the back enabling you to create a more fitted silhouette. Old shirts with patterns will also be a great idea to add some flavor to your fall favorites.

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2 Responses to “She’s Crafty: Burberry Inspired Sweatshirt Skirt”

  1. Linh says:

    What a great idea! Just wondering what sewing machine you use. I’m a newbie to crafting and I was wondering what I should get. Thanks!

  2. Sistargirl Sistargirl says:

    Hi Linh! The one I used in the tutorial is a Singer 132 but I personally own a sewing machine by Brothers (Project Runway Limited Edition version). They’re both very user friendly, the latter being more manual since the Brother one is computerized (only difference is the computerized one will tell you when you made a sewing error). Hope that helps!


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