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Reading Rendezvous: The Left Hand of God by Paul Hoffman

Image by Feesh

Image by Feesh

First things first- don’t be put off by the cover art on this book. While it may look dark and gloomy the novel is actually a coming of age story about a fantasy universe. In Paul Hoffman’s most recent novel The Left Hand of God we are transported to another time and place, just as any other fantasy novel. This novel may not be for us women but it is applicable to many of the young adults and boys in your life. Similar to his predecessors he has mastered the creativity and experimentation exhibited in many fantasy novels. As an individual I would not have chosen this book off the shelf for myself or for anyone else however disregarding my original ignorance I was quickly enveloped into the novel. As a virgin to the Fantasy genre –besides Harry Potter- Hoffman was descriptive and a good leader not only was I able to connect with his dialogues but also his descriptions.

This is an alternate world where the boys are destined for the Redeemers at a young age. Not only are they taught to fight -quite brutally- but a myriad of other skills which could lead to their dominance. The sanctuary is rife with men from across the country coming to leave their children in the hands of the brutal men. This institution turns the young careless boys into warriors for a war they are hoping to start. The boys are forced to conform and eat gruel at the prison like institution. Cale- the main character- is stronger than most and equally as suspicious of those around them, especially his captors. As he escapes his captors Cale travels to a new city where he is used once again for his unique expertise. In this‘re-imagined’ world Cale is quickly transformed and becomes powerful and wanted by all. This is an amazing tale of pursuit and battle perfect for anyone interested in fantasy with a slight tinge of humor.

The redeemers rule the land with power and strength, sole authority over these boys, and answer to no one. The rule with such fear that all around them are afraid of them, well everyone except Cale who attempts to flee to Memphis. In this new city is a world of pleasure and lust amongst many other distractions. With the loss of their most precious warrior the Redeemers strike and Cale must come to terms with his abilities and the strength that he has.

Now when I first saw this novel I thought ‘no, this will probably not work for MISS.’ But I was wrong while this may not be perfect for you I am sure you know some teenager who is struggling with things and this novel is a perfect escape. The language is energetic and evasive at the same time where we are intrigued by the details of this story. We are left with many questions; why is the Lord of Discipline cutting apart girls? Arbell Swan-Neck’s mute brother. There are many different questions and plot lines intermingling that it is hard to understand the result of this novel. However we must understand that this is the first of a triad. This novel is intended for those teenage sci-fi readers of the world.

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