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Reading Rendezvous: Brooklyn: A Novel by Colm Toibin

Reading Rendezvous: <em> Brooklyn: A Novel </em> by Colm Toibin
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In Colm Toibin’s new book Brooklyn: A Novel we embark a wondrous tale of family and love beyond anything else we have read before. Before leaving her small hometown in Ireland, Eilis is surrounded by her people and cannot find a job worthy of her skills in her small town. As an alternative she considers the idea of moving to New York City, an Irish Priest will sponsor Eilis’ travel to America and she jumps at the opportunity. As Eilis leaves her cautious mother and exuberant sister who have an amazing ability to transgress situations she has some concerns for their well being.

Want an adventure story for women? Well this is it! Eilis has a wonderful sense for numbers and is able to work her way through multiple jobs with this amazing skill. She lives in a boarding house –women only- in Brooklyn where she is working on adapting to her new life, surroundings, and reinventions.

Colm Toibin’s book is truly amazing. This novel is infused with history and so much more and it incorporates knowledge of Ireland as well as individuals who surround her. Colm makes it possible for the reader to connect with characters. Brooklyn: A Novel is a story of inspirational change and alteration, this is a story of the 1950’s, affection, and change. Toibin is able to alter his prose in order to accommodate each character and create interesting language. Brooklyn: A Novel is a wonderful adventure story detailing the search for belonging and a quest for love. Although the novel takes place in the 1950’s it contains a universality that transfers to every individual, we each find a little bit of ourselves in Eilis’ character.

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