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Photo of the Week: Summer by Christina “C-Rocka” Rimstad


Where was the photo taken?

My older brother’s backyard in Minneapolis

What do you like about the image?

I like the innocents of the photograph and the playfulness it evokes as we were all children and as adults long for that free spirit again.

What were you thinking before you shot the photo?

Absolutely nothing, I was just enjoying a warm August evening.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

After wards, I thought, THIS IS SUMMER.

What camera did you use to shoot the picture?

Unbelievably, I used my phone. Especially for such a DIGI camera hater lost true art to photography, Photographer I am..

How did you get into photography?

That’s a tough one, as a child my mom was ALWAYs taking photos and has millions of photographs at the house. However, my true inspiration was my big sis Maijalissa, she had a camera in her hand and had my little bro and I do various things as she shot away. When I got to High School my art teacher, who was also my sisters, granted me early access to the darkroom and I started shooting, developing, and printing my photos.

Upcoming project?

I’m working on a couple upcoming projects that are more illustrative then photographic and I can’t wait to share it with every Bad Ass Broad out there! Even if you think you’re good. :p

To see more of C-Rocka’s work please visit

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