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No Dating?

No Dating?

Dating can be rough. Any type of relationship with another adds an additional level to one’s life, and sometimes things get complicated. We all know this and ultimately choose to date or not when it comes down to that person and things working out with the rest of our lives. But what about choosing to definitely not date?

Recently I have found myself not wanting to date. I’m not sure if I’m just discouraged by what’s out there, tired of trying, or wanting to focus elsewhere. Part of me honestly wants to focus on work and working out right now, even if that means sacrificing going out with friends and potential lovers. Part of me doesn’t want to close off any possibilities, even if it means making room in my schedule and amongst my goals. These concerns always float around with me, but I’ve found recently that I really want to commit to a work focus and declare it so I back it up and deliver to my expectations. I’m at a point in my career and life that I feel an urge and opening to hunker down with job goals. I don’t see a problem with this, but I wonder if this recent idea of purposely not dating is really to support my career drive, or because dating isn’t going so swimmingly lately.

It’s not that dating has been going badly, but I’m not really inspired by it recently. No great prospects on the horizon, some conversations with potentials seem almost draining, and those I’ve been interested in don’t pan out and then it’s done. I’ve gone through periods in the past where I don’t really feel like dating, so I don’t. I stop logging onto my online dating accounts, carry on as normal otherwise, and keep my eyes open but don’t really pursue anything. Soon enough, I get my mojo back and get back in the game, but I feel a break is occasionally needed. But this time, I kind of want to commit to purposely not dating. It’s not like I’d have to break up with someone now or shoo away the line of suitors outside my door. Rather, channel that energy I do spend on being out there looking for a relationship and partner into me, business, and getting right as I want.

The reason I question this potential decision is I’m not clear where it’s coming from. I’m aware I could just be saying this because I’m bored with my dating pool or discouraged by the interactions at the moment. But I also think there is something to be said about discipline. Not blind stubbornness, but seeing where I want to be and choosing to knock things out of my life for a while so I may deal with things at hand as I want.

Thoughts? Have you been in this situation or are maybe having the same considerations now? Please share.

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