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My Latest Obsession: Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats
Halloween Treats

Like so many other people out there, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. You get to dress up like someone/something else and can publicly trick someone, have it be socially acceptable (wink) and a piece of candy for your efforts. As you probably already know by now, I’m not about doing things that are obvious. While I love going to costume stores and trying different outfits on, Halloween is a lot more to me than putting a different kind of clothing on. Around my apartment, Halloween doesn’t just happen the day of, or when you put the costume on, so this week’s post is more about those little touches that create the atmosphere and that’s what this week’s post is all about. Those little treats you give to yourself while you prep for All Hallow’s Eve.

First, let’s start with makeup. If you’re anything like me, you want to hit up one store for the most bang for your buck, and then move on to specialized stores for whatever you still have on the list. If that sounds like you, or a good idea to start doing, then check out Sephora’s Halloween selection. There are some real gems in here, from fragrances, makeup boxes, nail polish, shower gels and glitter spray (what holiday isn’t complete without that!?). The O.P.I collection for Sephora is always full of great colors and their “If You’ve Got It Flaunt It” color is on my must have list. I’m also loving Temptu’s temporary tattoo kit, since I can never decide on what my next tattoo should be. My great love of glitter led me to Sephora’s glitter eyeliner, and my great love of vampires directed me to Sephora’s Vampire Beauty in a Box, because being a vampire is a year-round treat.

In the “Calgon Take Me Away” category, two of my go-to locations for shower/bath comfort are LUSH Cosmetics and Philosophy. This year, neither company disappoints with their Halloween-themed products that will soften your skin and awaken your senses. LUSH has three creations this year, all focused around Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the Mexican holiday of remembrance for the dead. The Calavera bath bomb, Lady Catrina citrus soap and Calacas shower jellies are all worthy investments, although a slight edge goes to the jellies for being skull-shaped and, well, jellies. What’s not to love about that?

Philosophy’s Halloween line will take you back to your childhood and wishing for those days when you roamed around the neighborhood with a plastic jack-o-lantern or your pillowcase in search of candy. In my opinion, Philosophy has some of the best lip glosses out on the market for both flavor and wear. Their Trick or Treat lip set features pumpkin spice and caramel apple flavoring, so it’s definitely something I will be picking up this year for the very reasons mentioned above. If you want something beyond lip gloss, you can get the same flavors in shower gel form, a candy corn shower gel or a crispy marshmallow shower gel that makes me want to make s’mores in my kitchen. Yum!

I’ve got two picks for “Why Didn’t I Think of That” / “I Wish I Was That Talented,” which are both centered around being crafty. I really wish I was more of a craft-centered person. I am not sure what happened, as I used to LOVE making this stuff when I was in grade school. I was a whiz with scissors, construction paper, glue and glitter. While I go figure out why my artistic skills went out the window, check out this amazing glitter pumpkin from Amanda Talley. Talley has managed to take the carving pumpkin artform and take it to a whole new level. While I have had lots of fun the last couple of years going to pumpkin carving parties, I really suck at carving them. Seeing Talley’s artistic endeavor gives me hope that I can do something interesting and arty with next year’s pumpkin and win an award that isn’t entitled “worst carving job.”

I am also in love with this Halloween-themed take on the popular British WWII “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Being calm and being scary at the same time just reminds me of sneaking up and saying “BOO!” to some unsuspecting victim. Graphically, I think the “Eat Drink and Be Scary” is my favorite, and could very well become a mantra for the rest of the year.

Since this is a post about treats, I have to include something about food. I loooove making cookies. There isn’t a season when I am not baking something in the kitchen. This year, I wanted a little inspiration for the typical sugar cookies I make around this time of year. I try not to make the traditional pumpkin-shaped cookies (or if I do, it’s got to be unique), and found some great inspiration on the internets. My favorite are these gothic sugar cookies, as they aren’t typically decorated and look beautiful. I also think these bone-shaped, cobweb and tombstone cookies deserve a turn in my oven (and tummy)!

Happy Halloween, dear readers and see you next week (with my next obsession)!

Graphics by: Michelle

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