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Maestro Knows x Va$htie Kola: Episode 10

The product of the first collaboration between Jordan and a female!

The product of the first collaboration between Jordan and a female!

I have been waiting a long, long time to say this in a post and truly have it be relevant, but now thanks to Downtown’s sweetheart Va$htie Kola, I can finally say…LADIES FIRST!

As any good sneakerhead who hasn’t been living under a rock on the moon this past week knows, the Nike Jordan brand released its first-ever collaboration sneaker designed by a female, a pair of Violette classic Jordan 2’s. Designed in Vas$htie’s signature violet color palette, the all-suede sneaker also features splashes of deep purple along the trimming of the shoe. As per custom, Va$htie has gifted us all with a bit of silver– silver accents along the shoe’s midsole pay homage to the Jordan brand’s 25th Anniversary.

Can we say gorgeous?! Yes, yes we can. Downtown’s Sweetheart has created a jaw-dropping merge of all things feminine and brand’s the classic masculine athletic silhouette, making this pair of J’s an ideal compliment to the modern woman’s lifestyle.

Va$htie x Jordan Collabo... ladies first!

Va$htie x Jordan Collabo... ladies first!

Here’s to future Jordan collabos to come from the ladies, and a big congrats to Va$htie for finally giving us the perfect occasion to say LADIES FIRST and actually mean it!

Recently, videographer and webseries creator MaestroKnows caught up with Va$htie in the last final few days before the release of her Jordans. He not only spoke to Va$htie about what designing a Jordan means to her, but even got her to share the shoe with a lucky few New Yorkers before its big release. Check out the episode below, and peep the cameo from 13th Witness too!

Image layout: Phaymiss!

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