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M.I.S.S. NYFW: Fashion Hangover Spring 2011

Jessica Sapick of Highbrow

Jessica Sapick of Highbrow

I won’t harp on the troubles of Fashion Week at Lincoln Center for too long – but I WILL say, ‘twas not the same as Bryant, and this sentiment was pretty much the consensus of all of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week attendees to which I spoke. Yes, there was more room to move around in the “tent”, and largely, the check-in process was more efficient (except when the computers and fashion GPS system were down, which they often were, and when the barcodes on emails read correctly, which they often did not), but overall, the fashion events seemed better organized than in years prior. Yet the “buzz” that usually accompanies fashion week was paltry this year. The best way to describe it is to say that the “Jujjje” (gag me with that word) was missing.

Highlights of the week were mostly because of the other bloggers I met, including a beauty blogger named Lisa Bensley (www.beautybybenz.com) who exclaimed, “I think I read your Twitter??!!” and stylist Stacy Armand (www.stacyarmand.com), who makes jewelry. Another cutie I met at the L.A.M.B. show was Kimberly Weling (www.fashionablypetite.com).

From Left: Lisa Bensley, Kimberly Weling, "Professor David"

Winner of coolest eyewear was Jessica Sapick (http://jessicasapick.com), who had the most outrageously adorable glasses frames. The frames, which she makes herself (and, may I add, are NOT shameless Kerin Rose copies like some of those “brands” out there), are totally eco-conscious and retail under the name Highbrow. Jessica says she makes the frames out of recycled suction cups – Which I think, look beautifully and curiously like the irises of the eye. It took me almost 5 whole minutes of talking to her to realize that her glasses didn’t even have lenses. Clip-on eyebrows….so fancy! Her line was recently featured in the VPL show in addition. NY Mag agrees, she was one of the coolest cats at Lincoln Center (Picture #14).

L-R: Yuli of Style Coalition, Stylist Stacy Armand

L-R: Yuli of Style Coalition, Stylist Stacy Armand

The last event I attended was the Style Coalition 2.0 event at The Hudson, hosted by Yuli. The Pop Chips in the goodie bag were a must, as well as the Harajuku Girls “Wicked Style” full-sized perfume, after a hungry/sweaty day of fashion. Now that this week is over, I can finally get back into my 12-year-old Lady Enyce sweatpants. Hot, right?

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