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M.I.S.S. Muses: Whoopi!


I don’t often get starstruck or even know who celebrities are when pointed out or talked of. But when I met Whoopi Goldberg last week, I knew who she was and had a positive impression in my head of her. After having a short time with her, I am now an informed and firm fan of hers.

If you look up facts on Whoopi, you may find likable things like her being an activist, taking a stand for others, or saying things straight up. You may love her humor, like roles she has played or productions she’s been in. You may admire her résumé or appreciate her path to where she is now. But outside of knowing background on someone, how they treat you and others speaks volumes. Meeting Whoopi, she was gracious, polite, hilarious in person, and happy to take time with those asking for photos or just crowding around. I got to talk to her about the line Irregular Choice, loving her excitement about the brand and her favorite picks. As Whoopi walked through and looked at the styles, others asked if they could take a picture with her, if it would be okay to post their pictures on facebook, and generally just crowded and buzzed around her. She kindly took time to smile for photos and engaged with those she talked to even as crowds gathered and distractions and crowds grew.

What I was struck with most by my time in person with Whoopi was that she insisted on not being gifted anything, but rather, purchasing things for herself. As I gave her the address and explained where the Irregular Choice store in  SoHo NYC is, in the back of my mind I wondered if she would actually go. I was touched that she wanted to pay, but I also know human nature is not to follow through on things, to forget, and to become busy. I appreciated Whoopi’s time and positive energy, and exchanged contact information confident that I could follow up with her even if she didn’t make it to the store.

As the Irregular Choice team was in a cab later that day, we found Whoopi had not only visited the store, she purchased 10 pairs of shoes! To boot, she soon left me a message saying she wanted to order more pairs.


Not only is Whoopi Goldberg an admirable woman and so pleasant to be around, I’m inspired by her attitude toward people and desire to help. She was appreciative I called her back. She insisted she continue to pay for anything she got. She told me she really loves Irregular Choice and wants to help expose the line. There is a want to use her celebrity for good and while she is aware of being in her position, she is grounded and real. In terms of role models, I’m adding Whoopi to my list on so many levels. And I’m happy to say the childhood picture I have in my head of her from the Little Rascals movie happily stays in tact.

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