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M.I.S.S. Muses: It Gets Better Project

MISS MUSES It Gets Better Project

Last week, a YouTube video popped up on my Facebook homepage feed from one of my friends. It’s of him contributing to the It Gets Better Project, and I’m so glad I clicked it.

In the video, my charming friend Ty talks about growing up in a small, rural community, going through rough times, and not feeling understood. I was inspired he cares enough to take the time out to make and share his video, there is the It Gets Better Project to contribute to, and the whole idea behind It Gets Better. It Gets Better is centered around their pledge:

THE PLEDGE: We are the kids who have been bullied for being gay, lesbian, bi or trans. We pledge to stay open and strong. We are also the friends, family members, teachers, mentors, and allies of anyone who’s ever felt like they didn’t fit in, gay or straight. We pledge to talk to the kids in our lives to put an end to the hate, violence, and tragedy — and to offer advice on coping, strategies to make it better, and to remind kids that It Gets Better.

In light of the recent youth suicides connected with bullying, despair, and being LGBT teenagers, Dan Savage founded the It Gets Better Project so gay, lesbian, trangendered, bisexual, straight, supporters, anyone can share with young people how it is to be openly gay adults and that it does get better. Contributors have now posted hundreds of videos with their messages to teens that their tough times will pass and life gets better. People have posted on It Gets Better Project’s Facebook wall sharing encouragement and thoughts about being a teenager, coming out, accepting LGBT individuals, and other uplifting sentiments. Reading comments and watching video stories, from everyone from the guy down the street, the girl in the boonies, and celebrities, makes me tear up and become so moved. Some messages are super short and sweet, others go into more detail and personal sharing. But the bottom line, these people want to reach out to troubled youth, tell them to hang in there, and offer a bit of hope and help.

If you are so inspired to reach out and help, please share It Gets Better Project with others, take the pledge, contribute a video, and/or pass along the info for The Trevor Project. Not touched, moved, and inspired yet? Let Tim Gunn give you a bit more:

For more:

Like It Gets Better Project on facebook

Watch It Gets Better Project YouTube videos

Get help from The Trevor Project: 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386)

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