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Hellz Bellz x The Beat Freaks: “Freak the Bellz” Collabo Vid!

HELLZ Freaks the Fashion!

HELLZ Freaks the Fashion!

M.I.S.S. fan favorite Hellz Bellz is coming out of the closet, finally, unveiling news of their latest collaboration! The brand, who has previously had innovative product collabs with the likes of G-Shock, Dev, and Miss Wax, now announces that they will be launching a series of products in combination with all-female dance crew The Beat Freaks! The famous dance crew, which was featured on the MTV show America’s Best Dance Crew, will collaborate with Hellz Bellz on a tank, dubbed the “Freak the Bellz” tank!

To celebrate the launch of the tank, Hellz and The Beat Freaks teamed up with media production company The Social Trust to produce a playful stop-motion short promo for the tank. Everything’s in motion in this short video– what else but innovation like this would you expect from Hellz, and now the Beat Freaks?! Enjoy!

Graphic by Phaymiss

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