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Designer Insider: Do you suffer from Blank Walls?

Do you suffer from Blank Walls? Are the walls in your apartment lacking personality? Is your pad full of bare white nothing? Do your walls resemble the set of 70s Danish porn set?

Danish 70s Interior Design Porno Style by Martin Klasch

Danish 70s Interior Design Porno Style by Martin Klasch

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you’re not alone (even if 70s Danish porn does have a fair amount of interior style – but that’s another story. Just check out Martin Klasch’s post about it!).

Lots of people suffer from Blank Walls. Maybe you’re nervous about what to hang, cringe at the cost of framing or you’re renting and you’re not allowed to fasten anything to the walls. But there are a few easy ways to turn you wall’s frown upside down.

Blank Walls Are Criminal

Renting can be really tough on your inner interior decorator. Landlord’s generally aren’t that fond of tenants who put holes in their walls. And even if you can convince them to put up a few hooks, they’ll usually put single hooks in the most obvious spots (spots that never suit hanging your prized art like a set of three canvases or 13 porcelain plates).

Hot tip: if you can’t hang art on your walls, stack! Stack your artwork against a wall and use stools, benches or tables to create height.


The cost of quality framing can be frightening. Sometimes you can make do with an inexpensive frame, like an IKEA RIBBA, but beautiful screen prints should always be framed professionally.

Hot tip: for cheaper framing, get a few items framed at the same time using the same materials. The framer should give you a better deal and all your art will match!


And then there’s choosing what to hang. The old questions goes which comes first,  the chicken, or the egg? And the very same applies to art and furniture. Choosing artwork can be really tricky, especially if you already have big ticket items like a sofa or dining table. Either way, the key is to match an accent of artwork to your trimmings – cushions, vases – without being too matchy-matchy.

Hot tip: If your bank balance won’t let you have a Banksy, do a Google/Flickr image search for Banksy (or your favourite artist) and find  a few reasonably high resolution photos. Print them out, pop them in a frame and boom! Instant Banksy (plus if you get sick of rats and stencils, you can just find some new flicks and print something else!).

Banksy by Rick McGrath

Photo by Rick McGrath via Flickr

And if none of the above works for you, there’s wall stickers. But not just any wall stickers. Thanks to the clever kids at 123Klan and Bandit-1$m, there’s really no excuse for bare walls at all. They recently released a series of very cheeky and very affordable wall stickers. Oh Merde!

123Klan x Bandit-1$m

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