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Design Insider: IKEA, Herding Cats

IKEA, Herding Cats

The term ‘like herding cats’ always comes to mind when struggling to get a team of people to do something in an orderly fashion – leave a party, get a lottery syndicate together, decide on what to eat for dinner as a group or make it through a group shopping party to IKEA. Which kind of begs the question – what would happens when you actually take a herd of cats and let them loose in huge IKEA store for a night?

IKEA, Herding Cats

IKEA, Herding Cats

Well IKEA & agency Mother London recently found out. They did a little experiment which saw them let 100 or so domestic felines loose in the Wembley IKEA store for a night. They of course filmed the results, which were made into a decidedly dainty television commercial called ‘Happy Inside’. The result is a beautiful look into the world of the cat that’s sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And now go behind the scenes and see what really happened…

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