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Conned with a Click

Online Dating Deceit

What ever happened to courtship? Now, guys pick up gals with emoticons, e-cards, and corny abbreviations. We are in the age of digital dating and there’s no escaping it. Well what if that gorgeous guy with the killer smile wasn’t who he said he was? It happens. I’m a survivor of the con artists that steal and alter photos to make them hotter than they really are. Its a harsh reality and we all live it.

As females we’ve all indulged in the infamous bathroom picture, the pouty lip pose, or the half face photo. A few of us have even used Photoshop to cover blemishes, add text, or emphasize a specific aspect of the picture with colors. Facebook, Twitter, and the once-upon-a-time Myspace are saturated with the same poses and effects. Some girls use them for fun, others use them with the intention of tricking the guy across country into a strictly e-mail relationship. The nerve of these con artists!

Camera maneuvering is the most commonly used method by internet attention freaks. They take pictures in crazy angles or distort their faces so much you’re not sure if the crazy face or their actual face is cuter. Shame. An overhead pic is also popular. It allows the con-er to bamboozle the con-ee into thinking they’re slimmer than they are. The one photo I hate more than any is the avatar that doesn’t show the person’s face at all! No, I don’t want to see your sneakers. Or your boobs. Or your butt. Or your dog. I’m not into dating inanimate objects.

Photoshop is a totally different ballgame. The ‘digital plastic surgeon’ in the hands of the wrong person is straight up deceit. Don’t blur our everything in the photo but your eyes or nip and tuck without the scalpel. The truth shall set you free love. If not, it will earn you a lifetime of embarrassment.

Ladies, if you’re an offender please stop the madness. Push-up bras, makeup, and the occasional Booty Pop is cool. Well, maybe not the latter. Anyway, when it comes to making yourself ‘more attractive’ the key is being YOURSELF. Everyone has flaws, but your reactions to your imperfections is going to steer others in a specific direction. Be happy you’re you because there isn’t anyone like you. A little confidence goes a long way.

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2 Responses to “Conned with a Click”

  1. Kai says:

    Totally agree !!
    I mean, I must admit . In todays day and age, a profle picture (having a profile of some sort in general) is very important . you may never talk to a person UNTIL you become friends on facebook . Our society is soo very weird . If I were an outsider(or an alien) i’d be like WTF, where is the ACTUAL interaction . between cell phones and social networking sites, people barely ever really talk, face to face . it’s mind boggling .

    ugh, sorry for blabbering . the point i’m trying to make is:
    yes, Be yourself. whether in your pictures, in your wall post, or in person … a lot of times people try to create this person who they are not . and no one likes a fake .
    there is absolutely nothing better than the real you :)

  2. C-Rocka says:


    It is truly sicking to see so many young women and men out there faking it. I totally agree on being true to yourself, people who aren’t always end up unhappy.

    Great write-up!


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