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What to do in DC: Peyote Cafe

No Peyote required to sing these tunes

No Peyote required to sing these tunes

Do you ever find yourself on a Friday or Saturday night longing to recreate the karaoke scenes from 500 Days of Summer?  Are you the type of person who just wants to sing for the year, sign for the laughs, or sing for the tears?  Do you just crave the attention that comes with belting out popular songs in front of a bunch of drunk, possibly sweaty strangers?  Then you’ll probably want to head down to Peyote Cafe in Adam’s Morgan.

Peyote is on the basement level of a building that houses quite a few bars, and despite the large sign outside denoting its existence it’s actually easy to miss.  Once you figure out where it is, however, and step inside its doors, you’ll be transported to a small basement room with a bar taking up one side and a banquette taking up the other.  There’s no stage to speak of; instead would be singers get to mingle out in the crowd of diverse 20 and 30 somethings that frequent the place.  It definitely adds something to your performance when you get to sing while dancing with your audience.

Oh, and don’t even think about going down to Peyote and singing any sort of depressing slow song or mopey love ballad.  People want a party rocker, not a party stopper.

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