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Vivobarefoot by TerraPlana

Running barefoot without hitting the road (literally!)

Running barefoot without hitting the road (literally!)

The idea of running barefoot worries me to say the least. The previous statement is coming from someone who still has a scar underneath her foot from running outside with her brothers barefoot, mind you. But, there are many benefits associated with running without shoes; it is, after all, more natural then forcing your feet into hard as stone confines or even those of the pliable persuasion. The science behind this new trend lies in the fact that running unshod strengthens the tiny muscles in the foot that were made lazy by all the supportive shoe insoles, shoe cushioning and orthotics found in conventional running shoes. Stronger feet means less risk for injury.

Luckily, there are alternatives to running barefoot without exposing your feet to hot asphalt, wet grass or clandestine stones. You can run virtually barefoot in the Vivobarefoot by Terraplana, a shoe company that uses eco-friendly materials and in so doing promotes sustainability. The VivoBarefoot shares similar strong points with running barefoot; it “strengthens the muscles in your feet, realigns your posture and stimulates sensory perception” as said on the website, while also offering your delicate feet protection.

These stylish kicks strengthen your calves

These stylish kicks strengthen your calves

These shoes are reasonably priced, even for me and I’m miss penny-pincher personified. Good shoes, as in look and comfort-wise, are hard to come by. So when you see a good one, get on it ASAP.

To purchase shoes from the VivoBarefoot line or for more information, simply visit the TerraPlana website.

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