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She’s Crafty: Gold Patched Leggings


One thing I love most about M.I.S.S. is the ongoing celebration of talented women both in the past and the present. So for this entry of She’s Crafty, I invited Amina to share her talents to our readers. Amina G. is a  young jeweler based out of the east coast.  Typically, Amina works with bold shapes and chains to create her amazing jewelry but today she gives us an easy DIY project to ante up our basic black leggings. It’s a perfect trick to make our leggings sparkle like Edward Cullen on a sunny day or if anything, patch a hole from a clumsy fall we sometimes wish never happened.

she's crafty materials

Supplies Needed
-Pair of Leggings
-Gold Lamé Fabric
-Sewing Needle
-Fabric Scissors

crafty step 1

Step 1: Put on a pair of your leggings (one leg is only needed for this step). Get four pins and carefully place one a half an inch above the knee, place the other two on each side of your knee (an inch away from your knee cap) and place the last pin a half inch below the knee. Now, carefully take the leggings off (leaving in the pins) and lay them out.


Step 3: Get the gold lamé fabric and a pen. Place the fabric over the area of where the pins are. Have the reverse side of the fabric facing upward. Make a light marking on the fabric of where the pins are on the fabric by feeling for them. When all of the marking are made connect each marking making an oval shape.


Step 4: Take your scissors and cut out the oval shape that you have just made. Place that piece on top of the existing piece of fabric and trace it out. Then cut out your second oval for the other knee.

she's crafty

Step 5: Put the leggings on again (all the way this time). With the pins and the oval cut-out place the oval over your knee and centering it to be even enough on your leg. Carefully pin the piece to the legging to secure its placement. Do the same to the other leg. With that you still have a chance to adjust it after you’ve seen it on yourself. When you are satisfied take the leggings off.

she's crafty

Step 6: With your needle and thread hand sew on the oval pieces making zig-zag stitching all the way around. Finish off the thread on the inside of the legging and then tie a knot. Do the same on the other leg.

crafty gold leggings
Step 7: Enjoy your fly leggings and show them off!

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2 Responses to “She’s Crafty: Gold Patched Leggings”

  1. Made By AG says:

    Thank You Lei & M.I.S.S for having me part of this. :-)

  2. Gabriella GDK says:

    Thanks for doing such a fabulous job!


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