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Sell for Your Soul

MTV Video Music Awards

Money is the root of all evil. I agree with that statement to an extent, but if money is the root then fame is the trunk of the evil tree. The music industry is cut throat and can change the most humble person into a media hungry douche faster than Lebron left the Cavaliers. Lets face it, there are very few artists that say true to themselves and are still successful. So at what point is it okay for an artist to sacrifice their artistic integrity for a bank account balance with a couple commas?

A rapper who chose the money: Drake. Sorry ladies, I know the Canadian ‘hottie’ is America’s Hip-Hop heartthrob right now but I couldn’t care less. I don’t get the guy.’ So Far Gone’ was a solid project. ‘Houstatlantavegas,’ ‘Successful,’ ‘Best I Ever Had,’ and my favorite ‘A Night Off’ were all very mellow, sing-a-long tracks. No four letter words or expletives. Post-ego Drake was more aggressive and arrogant. ‘Thank Me Later’ turned our innocent Jimmy into Drizzy. Whatever. I could tolerate the ‘old’ Drake, but the CMYM Drake is a tool with nothing more to talk about that how much money he has, the women hes dealt with (mostly strippers), and how much he worships the toilet seat Wayne poops on. Basically, he turned into a mini-Weezy. Oh poor, tarnished Aubrey. What happened sunshine?

An artist who chose their artistic vision: B.o.B. Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr is a unique fellow to say the least. The Southern gentleman is an equal opportunity artist who embraces all genres. He’s an individual and there isn’t anyone like him. Who else can play the guitar, serenade the ladies, have the respect of the guys, and have lyrical skills? He’s the Swiss army knife of Hip-Hop. C’mon, ‘Nothin’ On You’ is something your guy could play in his car alone and not get the side eye. That’s hard to accomplish these days. If a song isn’t shoot ’em up bang bang or butt naked booty cheeks most guys don’t want to hear it. Bobby’s uniqueness came back to slightly nip him in the tush. He isn’t on a superstar level, but people recognize the name. ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ got mixed reviews. To Hell with critics. I listen to his album on a bi-daily basis and ‘Past My Shades’ featuring Lupe Fiasco, ‘The Kids’ featuring Janelle Monae, and ‘Lovelier Than You’ are all perfect displays of B.o.B.’s versatility. The album debuted at the top of US charts but was quickly overshadowed. He’s still relevant but never got the respect, or the fair listen, he should have.

Some do it for the money and the cars, cars and the clothes. They just want to be successful. Others understand that ‘after all the glitz and the glam and the fashion’ they’ll just be a regular person. They’re just grateful that the wishes they made on airplanes finally came true. Which is a better choice? Make music for self and possibly fail? Or make what sells and sacrifice self?

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