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Relieve Heavy Legs And Feet With Lucky Legs By Mama Mio

Lucky Legs Cooling Serum By Mama Mio- $19.50 for 3.4 oz.

Lucky Legs Cooling Serum By Mama Mio- $19.50 for 3.4 oz.

Standing on my feet for up to ten hours a day is nothing new. The beauty industry requires an on-the-go mentality (what’s a lunch break?) and serious vertical discipline. Starting out in the salon world as a shampoo assistant, I would come home at night with puffy ankles and feet, ridiculously exhausted from the day. Blood circulation in the lower legs has a tendency to slow down, causing swelling and a “heavy” sensation. The only solution at the time was icing them down with packages of frozen peas or resorting to a smelly tube of Ben-Gay. Enter Lucky Legs Cooling Serum by Mama Mio. Offering quick relief with cooling menthol and essential plant oils (lemon for stimulation, cypress, a helpful decongestant for varicose veins, and Chamomile flower oil, to aid in the reduction of puffiness), the serum also provides skin with a refreshing, subtle shimmer. One or two pumps of Lucky Legs is sufficient; the serum glides over skin and INSTANTLY cools it down, making legs and feet feel tingly and revived. Lucky Legs is also perfect for mothers-to-be or those that sit at a desk all day…really anyone that needs a boost in circulation! Keep one in your bag for immediate work relief and during summer months, keep Lucky Legs in the refrigerator for an even COOLER effect.


Cost: $19.50
Value: Good
Accessibility: Moderate
Where to Buy: Online at MamaMio.com.

*I received samples from Tractenberg & Co.

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