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Reading Rendezvous: Murder in the Hamptons by Danita Carter

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In Danita Carter’s novel Murder in the Hamptons we are thrust into a life of music and money along with the dangers that come with it. When Donovan Smart aka TuSMaRT moves to Coco Beach (Hamptons) everything quickly changes for this quaint little town. The hoity-toitty women and men are each involved in some sort of illicit affair from sexual to monetary schemes. The locals gawk as this rapper and his cronies seep into the neighborhood bringing with them sex, drugs, and money. Donovan is trying to clean up his hard core rap image this year this but it’s difficult when his sister is determined to destroy it.

His songs were profound. He wrote of growing up in a crack infested neighborhood. Where the habit forming synthetic drug had grandmothers selling their bodies to get a ten-dollar hit. He wrote of teenage mothers struggling to work and finish school so they could move out of the ‘good to provide a better life for their children. He wrote of witnessing shootouts and seeing the bullet-riddled bodies of his peers; their young lives snuffed out like insignificant flickering flames right before his eyes. By the time Donovan had graduated from high school, he had a vast catalogue of work, and was ready to make some noise in the world of music.

In attempts to change his straight out of the projects look he throws a yacht party to design his image. Yet terrible events happen and Donovan’s “sister” Chyna is found dead in the water. Once her death is deemed a murderer by local female detective Theo everything changes for this quaint little town. We follow Theo as she uncovers everyone’s secrets in search of the murder. From Lars and Remi Braxton, a well to do couple who have multiple homes across the area. Lars an upper east side plastic surgeon with many secrets. Want a sneak peak? Two words: drugs and women. Remi a lonely homemaker who uses her husband solely for his wealth has her own affairs. Liza Lord who secretly lusts after Donovan Smart. Reece Smart, Donovan’s sister, who is stuck living the gangster life and does not want to convert to the good girl she should be. We cannot forget Kalvin, Chyna’s own sexual stalker. Each has their secrets and each can be implicated in Chyna’s death, who did it?

Danita Carter’s thriller Murder in the Hamptons is an interesting novel that provides a look into the lives of the wealthy upwardly mobile Hampton’s elite. While reading this novel I found myself enthralled with the story. Yet at times its construction is confusing as it jumps from present to past without any notification to the reader. I found myself wondering about the progression in hopes that it should have been constructed differently. This was the main thing that detracted me from this novel. Be careful when you are swimming.

Murder in the Hamptons can be purchased on Amazon.com.

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