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Reading Rendezvous: Husband and Wife by Leah Stewart

Graphic by Feesh

Graphic by Feesh

He did it, he confessed; yet did it really make him feel better or horribly worse because he profited from it. In this new novel by Leah Stewart Husband and Wife Sarah Price does it all, she has abandoned her dreams to pursue a lackluster career which will benefit her family and support them throughout the ups and downs. Her husband is a stay at home daddy who happens to double as a writer. With the release of his new novel Infidelity one has to wonder where he got his inspiration, is he writing fact or fiction? Well it happens to be based on some truth as the novel opens Nathan confesses to cheating on Sarah at a writers conference. Yet he has the audacity to tell her before they attend their friends wedding where they are to give a toast to marriage. Sarah begins to realize that throughout her marriage they –her and Nathan- have changed altering their life from a happy balanced relationship to mayhem. As she fears for the dissolution of her marriage she wonders what she should do as she relies heavily on her husband to support her children while she is at work. She struggles with the idea of should she kick him out? Or forgive him?

As I travel through this novel I am left pondering the same questions, what would I do? Yet, Leah Stewart gives you more than that as the novel is filled with so much prose that it tickles your tongue as you savor each world. I was particularly delighted with the way that Leah Stewart was able to intertwine many different forms of dialogue and prose therefore exhibiting her talents. When I began this novel I thought of how I might connect with the plight of the main character as I am neither married or divorced yet I was able to connect purely with her as a woman. It is a not solely a story of marriage it transcends time to every relationship connecting with mothers, parents, and the disillusionment you might have with yourself or each other. Many times throughout this novel I found myself noticing connections with other women in my life as she struggles to come to terms with her husband’s deceit and her own. While he is truly at fault for his infidelity she has lost touch with herself purely passing through the day-to-day without yearning for more. Many women loose themselves in their relationships and push aside their own ambitions in favor of their partners or the sancitity of their relationship. As explained by Nathan he notices his wife’s change and yearns for something more from her or ‘the way she used to be’.

As I have previously read her other novel The Myth of You and Me I can whole heartedly say that you should not miss her novels, as she is able to tackle many issues which are difficult for many people. I recommend either of her books whether you are having trouble dealing with your life or just need to understand another point of view. This novel and her prior tell beautiful stories of growth and acceptance. Whether you have a fall out with your husband or your best friend these novels attempt to change your point of view and help you to grow and accept other for their good and bad.

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