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Photo of the Week: Karen, from the Medicine Series by Robyn Twomey

Where was the photo taken?
At a studio in Oakland, CA
What were you thinking before you shot the photo?
Trying to capture a spiritual and abstract image while documenting medicinal marijuana patients for a series I've been working on called Medicine.
What were you thinking after?
The contact makes me giddy. A great perk to the project.
Whats successful about the image to you?
The beauty of her hair and abstract nature of the smoke.
What camera did you use?
How did you get in to photography
I was into it from a young age. Mostly dressing up and taking pictures of myself to cut up and collage for my bedroom.
Upcoming events/ projects.
I am working on a short documentary as well as video profiles of the medicinal marijuana patients. I am also slated to have a gallery show in 2011 showcasing the work. Besides hustling photo assignments, I am flirting with (music) video making, and am currently working on a video with Zumbi for his new single Burnerz.
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