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Nude Hipsters in the Near Future?

American Apparel

My life is in pre-shambles. Just in case you ladies haven’t caught wind of recent news on the ‘shhhhhcircuit,’ American Apparel is on the verge of bankruptcy. There there, I couldn’t hold back the tears either. The hipster go-to retailer is in serious financial trouble. According to the Huffington Post, the company lost around $7.3 million dollars in their second quarter. That’s a poo load of money to lose in 3 months!

Things are so bad for the Los Angeles based company that they may not be able to keep their heads above water for another year. The bigwigs have even released a statement that refers to the possibility of bankruptcy as a ‘growing concern.’ Sounds like the warning before the blow. I can’t deal.

Where am I supposed to go from here? I seriously jet to AA every other Saturday. Payday in my mind translates to ‘how much crap can I buy from American Apparel in a day?’ Hell, I was just there this past weekend racking up on stuff I don’t. I know. Its sad. Its not my fault though. The store is just so damn trendy! The wayfarer rocking, tattoo covered employees lure me into the store with their comfy hoodies and skin tight mini-dresses. Curse you American Apparel! Curse you if you leave me nude and lost!

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