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My Latest Obsession: Hipstamatic iPhone App

My Latest Obsession: Hipstamatic iPhone App

My Latest Obsession: Hipstamatic iPhone App

There’s an interesting story behind this week’s obsession, and it starts at the laundromat.  I know, what’s so fashionable or interesting about that? But, stay with me, dear reader. I’ll connect an iPhone app with laundry…trust me!

Early one Sunday morning, before the sun was up, I dragged my dirty clothes to my local laundromat of choice. While I never naturally wake up before the sun during the work week, and while I hate dragging myself out of bed early on a day I could actually sleep in, I do enjoy the quiet solitude of the laundromat and listening to the quiet hum of one or two washers and dryers working away. I typically spend the hour or so that I’m there napping, catching up on some reading, or watching a movie on my iPhone. There is a magazine rack, but it’s usually full of material that is about a year old or on topics I’m not really into (sorry, Golf Magazine). This Sunday was a little different, as the September issue of W magazine was front and center, waiting for me (go go, fashion karma!).

Whenever I look at fashion mags, especially the September issues, it makes me want to be a photographer. The composition of the images in the frame never ceases to fascinate and inspire me. There was plenty to enjoy about the September issue, but the article that most caught my eye was “Last Exit to Brooklyn.” The images were stunning and completely over-saturated. Looking at the images, I couldn’t help but be reminded of one of the apps (quite possibly my favorite) on my iPhone: Hipstamatic.

Remember those plastic toy cameras that you had as a kid? Hipstamatic recreates photos from them. A little imperfect. A little over-saturated. A whole lot of fun. The app itself is pretty cheap and comes with three different lenses, one flash and one standard roll of film that you can “develop” on. You can also purchase different lenses, flashes and films from inside the app, so you can find the perfect hue, saturation level, lighting and printed background to transform your typical iPhone pics into works of art.

Speaking of works of art, every month, you can share your pieces with the Hipstmatic community. Every contest has a theme, and since we are in the midst of Fashion Weeks all over the globe, this month’s contest is a fashionista’s dream come true, and is aptly named “Walk Walk Fashion Baby.” What street fashion is speaking to you this month? The contest runs until October 7, so get out there and start snapping!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

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2 Responses to “My Latest Obsession: Hipstamatic iPhone App”

  1. Sharon says:

    I LOVE this app!!! :)

  2. C-Rocka says:

    I got the HTC EVO when it first came out and got an amazing app that might be even better than the hipsmatamatic and it is called vignette. The app definitely is comparable but might offer a little more to the ‘development’ of your photos with a wide range of filters including a ‘toy camera’ option along vintage, cinematic, color swap, Ilford, lens effects, and many more!

    (just had to share for fellow non-iPhone users)


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