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My Latest Obsession: Edun Clothing

My Latest Obsession: Edun Clothing

My Latest Obsession: Edun Clothing

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, it’s difficult not to obsess over some element of ready to wear. With all of the talent on the runway, it’s not easy to pick just one designer, one look, or one line for this week’s column. After spending some time drooling over images on as “research”, I came across Edun’s runway show. Voila!! That’s it!!

Not familiar with Edun as a line? Founded by Ali Hewson and her husband, Paul Hewson (you know him better as Bono from U2), and launched in Spring 2005,  Edun’s mission was simple: to encourage trade with Africa to create jobs and alleviate poverty. Although my interest in the Edun line originally came from my interest in U2 as a band, what the company stands for is something that I believe strongly in. The clothing in the line is also pretty incredible. The cotton tees are some of the softest I’ve ever worn. Their jeans are comfortable and stylish with enough tailoring in them to wear with jackets and stilettos, or your favorite wife beater with boots.

So far, the pieces in my collection are simple (but uber comfortable) tees and jeans, so I was excited to see what Edun’s new designer, Sharon Wauchob, had in store for the line’s fans.

I gotta say, Wauchob didn’t disappoint. She showcased a line that stayed true to Edun’s African roots (15% of the line is manufactured there), but was wearable and relaxed culture couture. The pieces are meant to be classics, but have enough distinctive details on them to catch your eye and beg for them to be in a part of your wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want a poplin shirtdress with knot embroidery down the sleeves, khaki leather skirts with crisp white blouses, sweaters with woven beads, sarongs with wooden sequins and mixed-print silk dresses hanging in her closet? And don’t forget the amazing wood and suede wedges that went with them (after all, you’ll need something to strut those looks down the street)!

Until next week (and my next obsession)!

Image Credit: Michelle

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