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Moleskine x Marc Jacobs Notebook Collaboration

Moleskine x Marc Jacobs

My prayers have been answered! I am a journal writing fiend and the Man upstairs had to hear me complaining about Moleskine not having enough pizazz. I’m a scatter-brained individual with the tendency to doodle. I need some va-va-voom to compliment my personality. The Moleskine signature notebooks are a vice of mine. The elastic closure band and ribbon bookmark are handy, but the fact that the notebook lays flat when completely opened is the bee’s knees! The Italian brand is the best to do notebooks and I’m glad Barnes & Noble carries the planners also. I got a B&N card strictly for my Moleskine needs. Now, they’ve taken things to a new high. Think I’m jiving? Read on!

Thanks to God’s gift to the social and nosey (better known as Twitter), I was notified of an out of this world collaboration. Apparently, the notebook guru has paired up with fashion extraordinaire Marc Jacobs to release a limited edition notebook. The bound beauty combines the quality features Moleskine is known for with a silk-screened cover featuring a patterned cover by Marc. The epic release is a result of the 25th anniversary of Barney’s CO-OP. It will be available for sale starting October 1st and is only available at Barney’s flagship and CO-OP stores and online at the Barney’s website.

I’m beyond excited about the release and have payed my local Barney’s a visit. I left my name and number to be sure I’m contacted when the shipment comes in and to secure my 2 requested notebooks. Why two? One to use and one to keep. Duh!

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