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M.I.S.S. TV: Kareem Black’s “Exhibit B” at Rouge 58

Kareem Black's "Exhibit B" is now open at Rouge 58.

Kareem Black's "Exhibit B" is now open at Rouge 58.

Just a short few weeks ago, acclaimed ad and fashion photographer Kareem Black hosted the opening of his first Brooklyn-based show, Exhibit B at the brand new gallery Rouge 58.  Although Black is well known for his ad photography (his clients include Verizon, Burger King, and Kool Aid) A slew of well-known artists, designers, photographers, celebrities, and scenesters attend the opening, which was curated by Rouge 58 owner and former Black collaborator, makeup artist Nadja Nebas.

The multi-purpose space, which serves as both a hair salon and art gallery combined, was the perfect compliment for Black’s vivid and tantalizing photography. A collection of images surrounding the theme of legs, the highly stylized photos were a tribute to Guy Bourdain and his book Exhibit A.

M.I.S.S. TV sat down with Nadja Nebes and Kareem Black to get the lowdown on Rouge 58 and “Exhibit B”. Peep our interview below.

Image credit: Phaymiss

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