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M.I.S.S. Muses: Tattooed Reminders

M.I.S.S. Muses: Tattooed Reminders

This week, as I was thought about what to write about here, I thought about at the cities I was just in, the people I spent time with, the places I’d seen. I looked through recent photos, I checked my calendar to jog my memory, and I looked around the hotel room I was in. I was coming up blank on ideas and knew there had to be something I just wasn’t remembering. Then I looked down, and right there on my arm was my inspiration. As I looked at my tattoo, I recalled what I intended it to mean to me and how appropriate it is in my current circumstances. And I realized how happy I am that I get to carry around little muses and permanent reminders in art form right on my person.

Each of my tattoos has a specific message behind it I wanted to always remember. One reminds me to “shoot for the stars,” another tells me to pick up my pen and write when I need a weapon. My third is my heart on my sleeve, reminding me it’s okay to be vulnerable and put my heart out there. These past weeks, so many questions have been on my mind and I’ve wanted guidance; interestingly, my tattoos have the messages I wanted to guide myself with.

Yes, when I planned out the pieces with my tattoo artist, I wanted the messages to mean something to me then and in the future. But never in looking forward can you know the feelings you’ll have or the situations you’ll be in. Remembering what I wanted to tell myself years ago was like having a guardian angel of me floating above and saying, “It’s ok. Just remember this.” And taking in the tattoo messages with present eyes made the reminders relevant in a new way.

I hope you all have reminders from your most positive and true self to yourself to keep you on your track. Even if they’re not tattoos, reflecting on notes in a diary, artwork that means something to you, or anything that you find meaning in can help you keep things in perspective. May the artwork and messages around you be inspiring reminders you can keep interpreting as the days and where you are change.

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* For tattoos by my artist, check out Dave C. Wallin of Eight of Swords, Brooklyn, NY.

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3 Responses to “M.I.S.S. Muses: Tattooed Reminders”

  1. Beautiful tattoos! <3 Mine have meaning but on a more abstract basis. Like, the harmony of spirit + matter, and, rebirth. I like to get mine to mark rites of passage. Itching for a new one now…

  2. Skimkim says:

    Lookin good LoverFighter/FighterLover. I, for one am always a proponent of collaborating with ones tattoo artist. It’s the best work. If you show up with something already done up, you’re 1) alienating the person about to permanently stick u, 2) rapin them of their artistry. It’s borderline offensive, unless you’re getting a portrait.

    You should always be happy with the work. Don’t ever settle or be afraid to voice yor opinion. I’ve heard horror stories of pushy tattooers (I won’t complement them by calling them artists) and I will never recommend them, ever. S.L. at Thicker Than Water here in NYC is to be avoided at all costs. Don’t ever let anyone tell you you don’t know your body. This is your lifelong canvas, you decide.

  3. @Annie, meaning to you is meaning to you! I like those abstract thoughts! And I’m almost always itching for a new one. . .

    @Skimkim, I agree on collaborating with the artist. The tattoo is a piece of art on your body for life, so I’m all for getting the best piece you can as a collabo and having an awesome experience putting it there. Good tip on speaking up, too.


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