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M.I.S.S. Muses: Little Celebrations

M.I.S.S. MUSES: Mini Celebrations

Sometimes it feels like it never ends. It feels like as soon as one thing completes, the next thing is right there waiting to be handled. For me, it’s one show after another, continuous lists of things to be done, goals to make and then surpass, customers calling for one concern then something else, etc. etc. etc. In the midst of it all, life can begin to feel like a never-ending cycle.

This is not to say I am ungrateful or unhappy. I love the things on my lists, my customers, what I do. Social engagements and work remind me that I am lucky enough to have a life with those things. And packing a schedule full of things I love is preferable to an emptier schedule with less lovable things.

But let’s be honest. It can be tiring. Even with appreciation, love, and all the goodness around, reality is we are humans, we ge tworn out, and we’re not into everything.

Since we’re already squeezing it all in and keeping it going, why not squeeze in some celebrating? How about taking a moment or two to take it in and mark the ending, completion, success, or survival or whatever just happened. Tomorrow will come, another task will be done, but right now we get to take some time for us and breathe, toast, and celebrate the victories. Big or small, we can choose to take a moment for cheers or tears.

After the past couple of tradeshows I’ve been at, at the close I’ve been with someone close to me to decompress and celebrate one more down. The next day may be slammed, I may be behind, but that doesn’t take away from the facts that I’ve gotten this far. Take a look at what you’ve gotten through, what you’ve completed, what you’ve done, and celebrate a lil’ something in your life.

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