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M.I.S.S. Muses: Fashion’s Night Out: The Show

M.I.S.S. Muses: Fashion's Night Out: The Show

With New York Fashion Week, Fashion’s Night Out, and fashion events galore all over Manhattan last week, there have been plenty of beautiful people, models, and breaking fashion out and about. Since fashion can often be equated with cattiness and keeping up, I was excited to find just the opposite in Fashion’s Night Out: The Show last week. Another brainchild from Vogue leader Fashion’s Night Out, Anna Wintour, The Show was held at NYC’s Lincoln Center and billed as the largest public fashion show in New York City history.

Fashion’s Night Out: The Show was spectacular. With supermodels weaving through rows of the audience, walking in circles around the Lincoln Center fountain, and arriving and leaving on a red, double-decker FNO bus, it wasn’t just a big fashion show, it was a fresh event. Looks included Vogue-styled trends “Rock Chic”, “Tartan Twist,” and “Fifties Flair” and 175 models showcasing them. Ending with Pharrell Williams performing around the fountain and exciting with dancing models, the show was exciting.

But even more exciting to me was the upbeat and positive commentary coming from hosts André Leon Talley and Hanneli Mustaparta. As they broadcast for CBS.com’s webcast, their comments included encouragement to make the looks work for you, not to try to force looking like the models but to instead take inspiration to make your own look, and fashion being about expressing yourself. Not only were the hosts getting excited about their favorite looks and models, but they were also encouraging not looking like someone else and having fun with fashion. Also, with Fall 2010 looks walking, the show was not only open to the public, it made more sense for fashion enthusiasts to translate to their own wardrobes. There was an overall heartening feel to the evening, with smiles from normally blank faced models, genuine excitement for favorite pieces, supermodels dancing, and uplifting commentary.

Of course, with large budgets and connections to top designers and other names in fashion, it made sense that The Show was a grand production. And with Fashion’s Night Out starting as a way to encourage retail in a recession and a celebration of fashion, it only makes sense that the official show and kickoff to NYFW have a positive message, too. But it was an extra step to make it accessible, uplifting, and fun. It was a happy surprise and excellent representation of what fashion can be.

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