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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: A New Time for Tea

JASON Bengal Spice Lotion now lives on my vanity!

JASON Bengal Spice Lotion now lives on my vanity!

Anytime is tea time with JASON‘s line of tea-infused lotions.  No need to wait for hot water to boil because you can get a healthy dose of antioxidants while you lotion up and moisturize your skin.

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Ok, I will admit something rather embarrassing…I don’t lotion up everyday.  I try to incorporate slathering on lotion all over my legs and arms in my beauty regimen, but I seem to always bypass this important step for the sake of time.  I even have a lotion alarm on my phone to remind myself to do this. Sorry, but sometimes applying lotion seems more like a chore than anything else.  I’m not ashy, mind you, but like everyone else, my skin gets thirsty.

This is why last month I hopped on an opportunity to try out a lotion by JASON, one of my favorite brands of natural products.  Although I’ve been happy with the line of products from them (I love the lavender shampoo and conditioner), I haven’t quite found my go-to lotion, from JASON or any other company.  But because this particular lotion collection infuses tea, trying it out seemed promising.  I love tea and all of the benefits of drinking it, so I figured it could also be beneficial to use the antioxidant qualities of the herbs to help out my skin on the outside.

Aside from just tasting good, herbal teas can calm you down, make you feel better, and even make you look better because tea contains natural antioxidants that can help prevent cancer and promote healthy cells. Miss Summer shared with us how her skin radiated just after a few weeks of drinking a certain tea. So we know that ingesting tea can help your skin, but JASON is taking it a step further by using tea ingredients to help skin directly on the surface.

The lotions in this collection are infused with Celestial Seasonings herbal teas to provide a dose of antioxidants to the body. The lotions also contain natural moisturizing ingredients, like avocado and sunflower oils. And you will never find any parabens or synthetic colors in these blends, only 100% natural fragrances and vegetarian ingredients.

I received a sample of the Bengal Spice Hand & Body Lotion. The image on the bottle is just as exotic as the name! When I read that it contained an “antioxidant-rich blend of invigorating chai spices,” I just couldn’t wait to try it out. Chai is one of my favorite teas, not only for the flavor, but also for the aroma. This is a scent that I wouldn’t mind indulging in. I typically try to avoid scented lotions because of an overdose of cucumber melon in middle school, but this aroma is so grown and sexy, I just can’t resist!

For my first time applying it, I was a little surprised that the scent wasn’t as strong as a fresh cup of tea. But once I rubbed it between my palms, the spicy smells of cloves and cinnamon really took over my senses. The lotion is light and smooth, not watery or heavy, and it penetrates the skin well so it didn’t leave a sticky feeling. I felt quite silky after, and I loved how the chai aroma lightly lingers on my skin.

This lotion does really well on my hands. I work with food, so I wash my hands frequently, which leaves my hands cracked and dry. I’ve used thick hand creams that work well, but feel like I smothered my hands in petroleum jelly. Ew. But this lotion moisturizes my hands perfectly, from my palms to my fingertips, and I have the added bonus of smelling a waft of chai every now and then. The scent wears off after about an hour, but the smooth feeling lasts long after.

Every morning after my shower, I look forward to lotioning up, just as I look forward to having my morning cup of tea. It really is an invigorating experience! Thankfully, body lotion is now part of my routine, and I still have half of a bottle left, so I can continue to keep this healthy habit. I find myself taking a pump or two throughout the day, just so I can get a whiff of it and keep my skin silky smooth. I even had the pleasure of being massaged with this lotion. Just the scent alone relaxed me, and it was nice to know that while I was enjoying my massage, my kind masseuse would also benefit from the moisturizing and aromatic qualities of the lotion.

If chai isn’t your cup of tea, other blends include Country Peach Passion, Sleepytime, and Lemon Zinger. Yup, the lotions are named just like the teas.  Hmmm, which should I try next?

You can find the JASON Natural Products Tea Infused Hand & Body Lotion at Whole Foods and other natural health stores or online at A 12 oz. bottle retails for $9.95. 

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